Spotlight on Dr. Scott Lear, by ICVHealth

November 26, 2014

"Gaps in holistic patient care are obvious. Floors in hospitals are based on organs or diseases—there is the cardiac ward, nephrology ward, HIV ward, and so on. Our clinics and medical specialities are based on a model which focuses on organs or specific diseases. This is an effective system for acute care conditions, but it is less effective for the treatment of chronic diseases where people may suffer from multiple diseases."

The BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health (ICVHealth) recently interviewed Dr. Scott Lear about his work and the potential for improvement of care in BC. ICVHelath is a research program based out of St. Paul's Hospital whose aim is to improve the cardiovascular health of British Columbians. Dr. Lear is a Clinical Lead with the group.

The full interview is available on the ICVHealth website.